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There is now strong evidence that the earth’s climate is changing rapidly, mainly due to human activities. Increasing temperatures, sea-level rises, changing patterns of precipitation, and more frequent and severe extreme events are expected to have largely adverse effects on key determinants of human health, including clean air and water, sufficient food and adequate shelter. The effects of climate on human society, and our ability to mitigate and adapt to them, are mediated by social factors, including gender. This report provides a first review of the interactions between climate change, gender and health. It documents evidence for gender differences in health risks that are likely to be exacerbated by climate change, and in adaptation and mitigation measures that can help to protect and promote health. The aim is to provide a framework to strengthen World Health Organization (WHO) support to Member States in developing health risk assessments and climate policy interventions that are beneficial to both women and men.


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Gender, CLimate change, health, risks, adaptation

Gender, Climate Change and Health


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