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Última actualización: 12-3/-2015


Haifa, Israel.


WHO Regional Office for Europe, UNECE, UNEP Regional Office for Europe.

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Mid-term review (MTR)

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The Mid-Term Review (MTR) is the chance to evaluate progress and establish next steps to meet the goals of the Parma Declaration on Environment and Health. This commitment to act was ratified by Member States at the 5th Ministerial Conference of 2010 in Parma, ltaly, and includes the EHP’s first-ever, time-bound goals on environment and health challenges. The Parma Declaration’s time-bound targets include providing safe water and sanitation, healthy settings for physical activity, environments free of tobacco smoke and toxic chemicals, and national programmes for eliminating asbestos-related diseases. Member States and EHP stakeholder organizations will also share progress and plans in environment and health areas such as indoor and outdoor air quality; climate change mitigation and adaptation; and noise guidelines. High-level representatives from WHO European Region Member States and international, intergovernmental, and nongovernmental organizations and other stakeholders in the EHP will make recommendations on priority actions in the WHO European Region needed towards achieving Parma commitments.


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